My Unexpected Cheer Squad!

If you have a son, or multiple sons, or have been around little boys for any number of minutes, you know that boys are… just boys. They are loud. They are intense. They talk about the weirdest things. They like to make messes. And they are the sweetest, most encouraging little beings on the planet. Case in point. I had moved some of our play equipment around in the backyard, because it seems like the boys like to play on new things… or on things that look different and new. I try to move toys around inside the house on a regular (read: random and when I can remember to do so) basis, and I thought I’d try this technique outside, too. Well… imagine my surprise when I was out mowing the other day and looked up to see my cheering squad leaning over our 6′ fence! I couldn’t even be mad, though! Not only was it extremely energizing to hear “Good job, Mommy!” a hundred and fifty times in a minute, but I also could keep my eyes on them the entire time I mowed instead of needing to take frequent breaks to make sure they were still happily playing! The frequent thumbs-up and smiles were a huge positive, too! What a win-win situation! 🤣

My biggest fans!

Now, of course, I need to make sure they don’t climb over the fence when I’m not looking. Time to rearrange the backyard again, methinks! 🤪

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Product Review Wednesday – Windmill Watermelon Slicer

We had a lot of fun trying out this week’s product! I have seen these Windmill Watermelon Slicers EVERYWHERE lately, so we had to try it out for ourselves! Seriously, it was the easiest thing I’ve ever used to cut a watermelon. Super quick and super easy. After I sliced the watermelon, I used the Windmill Watermelon Slicer to cut it into squares in a matter of minutes! And that’s about all I’ve got to say! Haha!

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I made a short video on how to use it! I hope it helps!

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He’s definitely a fan!

Tip of the Day – What can Kids get free at Starbucks?!

Full Disclosure: Links in this post may be affiliate links. I use these to help keep my blog up and going! I appreciate when you use my links to purchase products (and I know you appreciate knowing it doesn’t cost you any extra!), and I also appreciate you hanging out and reading my blog! Also, find my deal page to see great deals HERE!

Since I was out of town and didn’t get a Product Review Wednesday blog posted, I’m going to share this tip with you today! I thought more people knew about this, but recently found out a lot of my mom friends didn’t know… Did you know that you can get a free “Puppucino” from Starbucks for your kids or pets? Well, you can! It’s a little cup with a dollop of whipped cream and it makes them sooo happy!

For budgeting reasons I try not to go to Starbucks very often, but when I do go I don’t always want to buy something for the twins, too. Is that mean? Lol. The great thing is I don’t have to buy anything for them and we can still all leave with what we want! I just ask for a “Puppucino” for the boys and the barista puts some whipped cream in a little cup for FREE! What’s crazy is each time we go I ask them to make it SMALLER. They like to spoil my boys with more whipped cream than they really should be having and it cracks me up. 

The other day my Mom called me and said she was having a fun day with the twins’ cousin K and wondered if we wanted to do something. I wasn’t sure we could tag along because I needed to go to the grocery store. Well, even though I usually use grocery pickup (Walmart’s is always free, or I use Dillons/Kroger’s if they have super good coupons specific to pickup) because it’s hard to go to the store with two 3 yr olds, my mom talked me into going to the store with them. So, instead of TWO 3 yr olds we went to the store with two 3 yr olds AND a 2 yr old 🤪.

We wanted to make it a fun adventure so we stopped by the in-store Starbucks first, of course. Each of the kiddos got their very own FREE Puppucino and Mom and I got our favorite drinks. Mom’s still learning her favorite drink but mine is a black & white mocha half caff… in case you needed to know 😉

The only negative to our awesome plan was that the kids were pretty much done with their whipped cream by the time we got our drinks… and thus hyped on sugar before we even started shopping. 

Ya know, you live and you learn. To be honest, they actually did a great job. It went really well. I think K kept my boys distracted and they were good little shoppers. It just makes a better story if I act like a martyr pushing 3 cousins around. 😂

Oh, another random tip is that our Dillons (which is a Kroger brand) also give kids free fruit to snack on while you shop. So after the Puppucinos were gone K and the twins got to munch on orange slices. 

It turned into a fun adventure for the kids and I got my grocery shopping done, so I call that a win! Does your local Coffee Shop or Grocery Store have a similar option for kiddos? Never hurts to ask if you don’t know!

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Quiet Time Ideas for When Your Little Kids Don’t Nap

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Now that our twins are 3 years old, we have come to a point in their lives that I dreaded very, very, very, very, very much. They have reached the age where most days they do. not. nap. Cue the mommy tears.

We tried and tried and tried to get them to continue napping. Some days they still would like to take one, but I don’t let them. That sounds horrible, but the problem we have when they nap is their little brains won’t shut off until almost 11 pm! We tried napping earlier but they still couldn’t fall asleep at night and this mommy needed some quiet time in the evenings, and my boys needed a good night’s sleep, so naps went out the window.

Since we all seem to do better when we have some peace in the afternoon, we have been working on implementing a Quiet Time. I’m not super picky about what the boys do, but we do have a few rules.
1. They must stay in their room unless they need to use the toilet.
2. No electronics.
3. They must be as quiet as can be expected from 3 year olds and try not to fight with each other or their afternoon TV time will be taken away. I use TV time and fruit snacks as their reward for a good quiet time, and they are starting to understand that those things will get taken away if they pick on each other or don’t play quietly in their room.

One asleep, and one playing by his bed 😍. Also, please ignore the temperature on the monitor. It wasn’t that hot in there! I checked many times!

Yesterday was a magical Quiet Time, and although it totally messed up bedtime, I was not even mad. One of my twins laid down in his bed, covered himself with a blanket, and took a nap with absolutely no prompting from me. His brother quietly played at the head of his bed while he napped. (How sweet is it that they had to be close to each other even while one was sleeping?!)

As I’ve been deal searching I’ve been gathering things for the boys to play with that they can get out during Quiet Time. They really enjoy playing with these specific toys, and I appreciate that they can’t make much of a mess with them! Our favorite options so far have been…

Fajiabao Wooden Educational Toys, Double Side Magnetic Cute Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Drawing Board

I don’t have a specific Doodle Board on Amazon to recommend, because we got ours at Dollar Tree! And I love the chalkboard/whiteboard but when they’re alone in their room I take away the markers & chalk and just let them play with the magnets. They also have a basket of books in their room that they can look at and I turn soft music on their CD player to hopefully calm the mood. Most of these also work great for in the car when we’re traveling!

I feel like this mom thing is mostly trial and error, but so far this is what’s working for us for Quiet Time. Have you had to phase naps out for a little one?! Did it go well for you? I’d love to hear what you’ve learned!

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From My Mommy Heart

I don’t know why God saw fit to give us twins. 

I remember the moments of literal insanity from lack of sleep during that first year. More than once I thought my baby was purposely being mean to me by waking back up just when I’d laid down. It was rough (is the understatement of the century). The hardest year of my life. 

I remember choosing on their first birthday that year two was going to be better. I was going to get out more. I was going to start living life again instead of just surviving. And it wasn’t easy, but we did. We started going to the zoo with friends. I took them grocery shopping (oh that one time I forgot my wallet…) just to prove I could. Our double stroller barely fits through doorways and is no fun to maneuver by myself, but we got out and we did things. Everyone warned me that when they started crawling and walking that life would get harder, but I loved it. When they were mobile they could follow me around and I didn’t have to carry two babies around the house. Year two was rough, but we did it. And enjoyed it.

Around their second birthday I realized I needed to start doing something out of the house. Their attitudes were normal 2 year old attitudes, but double time. Some days it was more than I could handle. I decided to go back to work PRN. Somehow taking care of someone else’s babies during the day made me super excited to return to mine. The boys grew even closer to their Dad, their Mimi, & Grace, who all take care of them while I work. Life was busier and thus harder, but it was good.

We are now smack dab in the middle of year four. I have two 3 year olds around constantly. Neither of which EVER stop talking or asking for things (how many times a day can 1 child say “Mom, can I have a rolla bar please?”). I’m not the best mom. I don’t handle the constant of two little ones perfectly. But there are these moments that make me stop and catch my breath. I can tell that I’m starting to see why God gave us two babies at one time. 

When they sit down together and have a 3 yr old discussion without fighting, it’s the best. When they happily play together, there’s nothing like it. When they have conversations or tell jokes or laugh with each other, it makes my heart pause to try to take it all in. When they haven’t seen each other in 30 seconds and giggle and hug because they’re so excited to be back together, my momma heart just about bursts. This morning they were outside playing in pajamas that don’t match, wearing their shoes on the wrong feet, just the way they like it. The breeze is cool and the temperature is amazing, and they were playing so happily together my heart almost couldn’t take it. It was a gift from God and my boys and it made my heart swell.

I still believe it’s a choice we have to make to thrive when life is hard, instead of just surviving. This is not something I have perfected by any means. And I still look back at that first year and wonder how we ever made it. The only way we did was by relying heavily on my mom & other family, friends, and God’s grace to make it through. Having moved past that it’s amazing to look ahead and see that my boys are growing into smart, kind little men with generous hearts towards others. I love seeing the things that delight them. My heart hurts when they are hurting. And I’m slowly learning that though I may never fully know why, God knew what he was doing when he gave us twins.

As I’ve thought about this post, I want to add a little bit to the end of my blog… to hopefully encourage YOU if you’re going through a hard time! It won’t always be this way. Things change, kids grow, jobs aren’t always the same. I would encourage you to reach out to God, and family or friends that you trust to help you get through it. Tomorrow will be different. Next week isn’t going to be the same as today. And by next year you might not even recognize yourself. If you need someone to specifically pray for you right now, please feel free to comment here or message me via my facebook page. I would be happy to lift your name to God to help you get through whatever you may be going through. Hugs, to you, my reader.

Blogging. Trying Deals. Taking Pictures. It’s not as easy as they make it seem!

Full Disclosure: Links in this post may be affiliate links. I use these to help keep my blog up and going! I appreciate when you use my links to purchase products (and I know you appreciate knowing it doesn’t cost you any extra!), and I also appreciate you hanging out and reading my blog! Also, find my deal page to see great deals HERE!

Blogging. I’ve always loved it! I’ve blogged for years and years… I started back in high school when I tore my ACL and had surgery. I named my knee brace George. 

Since then I’ve blogged my college life and playing basketball. I’ve sporadically blogged getting married and now our life with twins.

I’ve enjoyed it all! 

But there’s one thing I think is going to take a while to get used to! Lots of bloggers are these cute, tiny gals looking super cute in everything they wear! It’s a little overwhelming because that is DEFINITELY not me. I’m almost 6’ tall and I haven’t seen 120 lbs on a scale since pre-high school. To clarify, I’m usually really confident in who I am and I have no desire to be much smaller than I am (most of us usually want to lose a pound or to if we’re honest with ourselves, right?), but that doesn’t mean I want to take lots of pics of myself and post them for the world to see. Not that I have to. I know I don’t. I’ve just been realizing how helpful it is to readers if they see a real life person in a real life outfit. Much better than a random Amazon link! So, I’m going to be trying it. I don’t even own a full length mirror… this is gonna be fun.

In order to ease myself into the process, I wanted to show you this amazing dress I got this week! I ordered the wine color because it was on sale for $9.99 in my size! I found the dress because Simply Becca modeled it last week. She’s much smaller and cuter than I am, but it looked like maybe a dress I would like. With free prime shipping and free returns I ordered it! 

When I tried it on I fell in love! It’s soft, it’s comfy, it hides the extra skin the twins left me with (they give such good gifts). I even had running shorts on underneath and you couldn’t tell! Oh, and it has POCKETS! I think it would look cute with a kimono or jean jacket, too!

Next, it was time to get the picture. The boys were outside playing so I thought maybe they could help me. Since they’re 3… aiming is still a challenge. They each DID manage to get a picture from the waist down (but mostly just my feet and the grass), though my face was nowhere to be seen. I also tried the self timer (see the thumbs up) and posing was a huge challenge! The selfie attempt was hard to fit my whole 6’ frame in.

All of that to say I loved the dress, and I am sorry for the quality of the pictures 😃. If you want to try it for yourself, here’s the link!

What’s it like being a mom?

I don’t even know how to explain what being a mom is like, but I feel like this picture is a pretty good description. 

This was my view this morning as I tried to go to the bathroom. We’re talking a quick trip to the bathroom to use the toilet. Nothing else. No shower. Not washing my face or doing my makeup. This is the setup that happened in the minute or two it took me to sit down and do my business. Yes, of course, and wash my hands afterwards. And then I had to run grab my phone to take this picture. 

I was sitting in the living room with the boys. I didn’t announce I was leaving the room. I didn’t tell them what I was doing. I just got up and walked away to quickly use the toilet and return. No sooner than I had taken 3 steps toward the bathroom I heard the noise level behind me change. I heard little steps following behind, making sure to grab things they would need for our bathroom adventure on their way. 

T’s choice was a chair and a book. He sat and read (with his backpack!) while I peed. B, however, went all out. He grabbed a pallet, a book, a blanket, and his bear and literally took a fake 10 second nap -that’s all the time he had left by the time he got himself situated- while I was in the bathroom. 

This is my life! This is a Mom. A boymom. A twinmom. Every mom. I walk away and they follow. I open a bag of bread to make toast for breakfast and I immediately have two scientists observing and questioning my every move. I take a deep breath and they ask “are you ok, Mommy?” I take a step toward the kitchen and they ask “what are you making, Mom?”

My children never stop moving, never stop talking, don’t like to be alone – unless they’re trying to get away with something – and they even follow me to the bathroom. I’m not even a true introvert, but this all-the-time leaves no time for a quiet moment. That’s what it’s like being a mom.

Some days the constant is really hard. The everywhere, all the time wears on me. I often must purposefully remind myself that this is good. This is normal. All the questions are because they are learning. The following me everywhere is because they love me and want to be with me. And if I take pause and really look at this moment – it makes me laugh. Two little boys, setting up camp with their mama in the bathroom.

Last night, I was really tired. The boys were eating a yogurt snack before bed and I was getting ready for bedtime. They starting covering each other with the yogurt. It was all over their faces and hands, and in their hair. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn’t help laughing at them. And they laughed and laughed and laughed with me. I even tried to say “I am upset at you guys” but B told me, “You can’t be mad! You are like this” and showed me the funniest laughing face ever. It felt good to laugh and not be upset. It made cleanup easier, too!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the round the clock, the all the time can be tiring. There’s good, there’s bad, there’s fun, there’s difficult, there’s excitement, there’s exhaustion, there’s constant. So remember to laugh a little- like my boys reminded me last night. And like this picture reminds me as well. Next time you’re asked what it’s like being a mom, just show them this picture. And then laugh. There’s just no other way to describe it.

All day, every day. 

Just a Day in the (Twin) Life

This is a post I originally wrote a year ago, and when it came up in my memories today, I just HAD to share. Life is such a crazy ride, every day. So follows a typical day in the life with twin toddlers…

Y’all. This picture sums up my day today with two 2 year olds. Today I have-
– worked on cleaning off the counter so they wouldn’t have as much to get into.
– found both of them sitting on this counter. 
– had to rescue one of them because he climbed up and couldn’t get back to the chair. 
– had all of our apples have bites taken out of them.
– also found one orange with bites taken out of it and the peel spit out on the floor.
– discovered random apple bits spit out on the floor (why are some edible and some are determined not to be?)
– found both boys sitting on our kitchen table. 
– caught one of them running across our kitchen table. 
– found both of them climbing on the end table by our couch.
– stopped each of them from climbing in the end table drawer.
– replaced the end table drawer after each of them pulled it out.
– turned the end table around so they couldn’t pull the drawer out. 
– found one cleaning the shower with my toothbrush. Not the first time. *Hint: if you find your kid cleaning the shower with your toothbrush, just throw it away. Don’t tell them to put it back because you might forget and use it later. Not that I would know. 
– Sat next to one for an hour while he refused to go to sleep at nap time. 
– Eventually rocked this same one to sleep because he simply can’t resist the motion of a car or a rocking chair. Although he did exclaim “Help!” as his eyes were closing and he was falling asleep. 🤣

Naptime was necessary today. And I am sooo thankful for the one who puts himself to sleep 90% of the time so I can focus on the other. I’m also thankful for rocking chairs.

3 Ways to Save with Twins (Multiples)

You may or may not know that about 3 years ago we welcomed not one but TWO beautiful little boys into this world. There’s no way to really describe what having twins is like unless you’ve been through it. But that’s another post for another day. 

Today I’m talking about the best way to save money with newborn twins. The crazy thing about having 2 babies in the house AT THE SAME TIME is you have to have two of almost everything AT THE SAME TIME. This can make life quite expensive. Here are a few tips we discovered that made the financial side of things manageable. 

1. Borrow! One of our baby gifts from my Sister-in-Law was letting me “store” her baby things between babies. She brought over a crib mattress, jumperoo, pack n play, floor play mat, bumbo, swing, bouncer, baby boy clothes, cups and dishes, and Moby wrap, among other things. This worked out really well for us as we were given 1 of each of most of these, but having 2 was ideal most of the time – especially with swings and bouncers. And honestly, twins in Bumbos make super cute pictures. We also borrowed a Rock N Play from a cousin (I’d never heard of them but it saved our life!) and then gave it right back for their next little one. I’m so thankful for these items and my generous family members!

2. Buy used and resell after! There are tons of local buy/sell/trade sites on Facebook and it’s super easy to find exactly what you need. Just make sure you wash it up good before giving it to baby. We used this option for several larger items – and then I sold it again afterwards so we didn’t have to store them. If we kept it nice, we could often resell for the same price we purchased it used.

3. Find a Twin Mama with twins just a little bit older than yours and buy from her! I’ve been blessed to have found a local Twin Mama who’s boys are a year or so older than my boys. As they grow out of clothes, my boys are growing into them. I love this because I know she takes good care of her boys’ clothes and will sell for a good price, so I love to buy from her. We have bought LOTS of pants and shirts from her – as well as some other items. 

These are the 3 ways we’ve used the most to save money on stuff for our twins! Do you have any tips for Moms of Multiples?

Birthdays. Deals. Adulting.

I originally wrote this on my birthday in 2017, but it still applies! We’re always trying to find fun things to do with our boys on a dime! Signing up for free birthday treats is a great way to celebrate a birthday cheaply!

Funny how being an adult and having a birthday is so different from when we were kids. I’m not complaining. I’m noticing the differences.

For example, the twins didn’t care it was my birthday. Last night they were up and down and up again for 2 hours. And yes, I should be in bed instead of posting this in case they do it again tonight. 

Then this morning I woke up early to call the doc for an appt. Needed an antibiotic to get over some crud. Got the appt in the morning like I’d hoped. Started my day off with going to the doctor. How fun. Super thankful for my mom for running over to watch the boys. Going to the doc wasn’t my number 1 choice, but feeling better is. Worth it. 

Free Starbucks was next. Excellent. One of my favorite things about my birthday. I got the Venti (free, ya’ll!) Mocha with caramel and I didn’t get the skinny (nasty) version today. Because birthday.

Mom took me out to lunch at Chipotle. YUM. My favorite. I think they cooked it extra special today, just for me. We also took a few minutes to look in Hobby Lobby. The boys didn’t super want to cooperate so we made it a short trip, but it was a good time. I love Hobby Lobby 🙂

Luke surprised me and took the afternoon off, so went to go see Thor Ragnarok. Interesting movie. Good. But interesting. I hadn’t been to a movie in a long time so that was a huge treat!

We picked the boys up from my parents’ where Mom was watching them during the movie. They were grumpy grumpy after naps. That’s kinda been the mood of late after naps and I just don’t understand it. Shouldn’t they be refreshed and little angels to everyone around them? I tried to explain that it was my birthday and I wasn’t in the mood, but it didn’t help much. Then we had to run a few errands on our way home. Trying to run a few errands with grumpy babies wasn’t too much fun. But necessary. Needed some groceries. It was a great birthday treat in reality because now I don’t have to worry about what to have for breakfast tomorrow!

Went to IHOP for free birthday pancakes. Oops. Saw after we got there that we were at the wrong location. The server asked the manager and he was kind enough to honor the deal. We enjoyed a nice quiet dinner thanks to Blippi (a YouTube show haha) and watched the WSU basketball game on Luke’s phone. And don’t even think about hatin’ on my choice of IHOP for dinner. Not only did I truly enjoy my bacon, eggs, and pancakes, but the boys ate EVERYTHING I gave them and I didn’t have to cook it or clean up. Also, we probably looked like THOSE parents watching Luke’s phone and letting the boys watch mine, but it was truly the best birthday gift ever to have a quiet meal with basketball on.

The boys were exceptionally fussy this evening. We got them to bed not a moment too soon. But really, it wasn’t terrible. Just part of my grown-up birthday. 

In the middle of all this I got a million and a half fb messages, texts, videos, all reminding me that I am loved and that y’all remembered me on my birthday. It was fun. It was an extra special part of an excellent birthday. Thank you 🙂