Tip of the Day – What can Kids get free at Starbucks?!

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Since I was out of town and didn’t get a Product Review Wednesday blog posted, I’m going to share this tip with you today! I thought more people knew about this, but recently found out a lot of my mom friends didn’t know… Did you know that you can get a free “Puppucino” from Starbucks for your kids or pets? Well, you can! It’s a little cup with a dollop of whipped cream and it makes them sooo happy!

For budgeting reasons I try not to go to Starbucks very often, but when I do go I don’t always want to buy something for the twins, too. Is that mean? Lol. The great thing is I don’t have to buy anything for them and we can still all leave with what we want! I just ask for a “Puppucino” for the boys and the barista puts some whipped cream in a little cup for FREE! What’s crazy is each time we go I ask them to make it SMALLER. They like to spoil my boys with more whipped cream than they really should be having and it cracks me up. 

The other day my Mom called me and said she was having a fun day with the twins’ cousin K and wondered if we wanted to do something. I wasn’t sure we could tag along because I needed to go to the grocery store. Well, even though I usually use grocery pickup (Walmart’s is always free, or I use Dillons/Kroger’s if they have super good coupons specific to pickup) because it’s hard to go to the store with two 3 yr olds, my mom talked me into going to the store with them. So, instead of TWO 3 yr olds we went to the store with two 3 yr olds AND a 2 yr old 🤪.

We wanted to make it a fun adventure so we stopped by the in-store Starbucks first, of course. Each of the kiddos got their very own FREE Puppucino and Mom and I got our favorite drinks. Mom’s still learning her favorite drink but mine is a black & white mocha half caff… in case you needed to know 😉

The only negative to our awesome plan was that the kids were pretty much done with their whipped cream by the time we got our drinks… and thus hyped on sugar before we even started shopping. 

Ya know, you live and you learn. To be honest, they actually did a great job. It went really well. I think K kept my boys distracted and they were good little shoppers. It just makes a better story if I act like a martyr pushing 3 cousins around. 😂

Oh, another random tip is that our Dillons (which is a Kroger brand) also give kids free fruit to snack on while you shop. So after the Puppucinos were gone K and the twins got to munch on orange slices. 

It turned into a fun adventure for the kids and I got my grocery shopping done, so I call that a win! Does your local Coffee Shop or Grocery Store have a similar option for kiddos? Never hurts to ask if you don’t know!

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My 4 Favorite Restaurant Deal Apps!

With our family’s overall goal of saving money – we try not to eat out very often. However, sometimes it’s just nice to grab a bite out! And if you do it right, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. One of the ways we have saved a few $$$ when treating ourselves to a ready-made meal are these apps! With some we can earn free food by earning points for purchases. Others have great coupons to save a few dollars. These are the 4 I have used most often.

4. McDonalds
McDonald’s has daily deals on their app! I don’t eat here a whole lot, but there are times I just need a quick French Fry and Diet Coke (not healthy, I know!). They usually have a free drink or $1 French Fry on their app! For a while they had BOGO Happy Meals and with twins we needed that deal! I also find good deals on chicken nuggets or tenders frequently. We kinda live on chicken nuggets and tenders in this house.

3. Sonic
Half price drinks all day long with the app! They also offer app-only coupons like free sandwiches with purchase. I’m all about free food! I did get frustrated with it lately with the payment through the app. It requires that you load money to the app in $10 increments to get the deals. I had $6 left over on it the other day, but when I paid it charged my credit card instead of my $6 credit. Not sure why that happened and if it happens again I’ll contact them. I’m also wondering if this means I don’t have to load money to it anymore? So many questions! But the deals are still good, so I’ll keep using it for now!

2. Starbucks
Starbucks has earned my business with their app. Because I buy Starbucks ground coffee for our home coffee maker and enter my receipts for points, AND when I go out for a rare Mocha I usually go to *$, I end up earning free drinks once in a while. By keeping my gold status I also get a free drink or item on my birthday! It’s the best! And totally worth using the app. Plus, one time when I forgot my wallet at the grocery store and I was there by myself with both babies, I was still able to get a Starbucks drink because I had credit on my app. It saved the day! I just recently read that the Starbucks rewards program will be changing next month, so I hope I still like it as much!

1. Chick-Fil-A!
Would you expect anything else? We may have a higher-than-usual love for Chick-Fil-A in this house but the truth of the matter is that the CFA app gives away more food than any other app I’ve seen! Not only does every CFA in Wichita send me a free food item every Monday (this week I get a free breakfast sandwich and 3 free chicken tenders times 2), I also earn points every time I purchase a food item to earn MORE free items. I also get a free birthday cookie through the app. Sometimes I get other random food items that appear in my app “just because”. AND when we’ve gone out of town (both in KC and in Dallas) I just opened my app in that city and a free sandwich popped up! Another favorite option of mine is that when the boys are playing in their play area I can make a mobile order on my phone and they will just bring it to me so I don’t have to take the boys with me to order or leave them. We like CFA so much my SIL gave us a cute CFA doormat for Christmas! I am pretty sure that CFA gives me more free food than I could ever buy from them! They’re the best!

I’m wondering if there are other restaurant apps out there I should be trying?! Do you use any other ones and get good rewards?

You can find similar door mats here! (affiliate link). This one was a gift from my Sister in Law who knows us soooo well.

Birthdays. Deals. Adulting.

I originally wrote this on my birthday in 2017, but it still applies! We’re always trying to find fun things to do with our boys on a dime! Signing up for free birthday treats is a great way to celebrate a birthday cheaply!

Funny how being an adult and having a birthday is so different from when we were kids. I’m not complaining. I’m noticing the differences.

For example, the twins didn’t care it was my birthday. Last night they were up and down and up again for 2 hours. And yes, I should be in bed instead of posting this in case they do it again tonight. 

Then this morning I woke up early to call the doc for an appt. Needed an antibiotic to get over some crud. Got the appt in the morning like I’d hoped. Started my day off with going to the doctor. How fun. Super thankful for my mom for running over to watch the boys. Going to the doc wasn’t my number 1 choice, but feeling better is. Worth it. 

Free Starbucks was next. Excellent. One of my favorite things about my birthday. I got the Venti (free, ya’ll!) Mocha with caramel and I didn’t get the skinny (nasty) version today. Because birthday.

Mom took me out to lunch at Chipotle. YUM. My favorite. I think they cooked it extra special today, just for me. We also took a few minutes to look in Hobby Lobby. The boys didn’t super want to cooperate so we made it a short trip, but it was a good time. I love Hobby Lobby 🙂

Luke surprised me and took the afternoon off, so went to go see Thor Ragnarok. Interesting movie. Good. But interesting. I hadn’t been to a movie in a long time so that was a huge treat!

We picked the boys up from my parents’ where Mom was watching them during the movie. They were grumpy grumpy after naps. That’s kinda been the mood of late after naps and I just don’t understand it. Shouldn’t they be refreshed and little angels to everyone around them? I tried to explain that it was my birthday and I wasn’t in the mood, but it didn’t help much. Then we had to run a few errands on our way home. Trying to run a few errands with grumpy babies wasn’t too much fun. But necessary. Needed some groceries. It was a great birthday treat in reality because now I don’t have to worry about what to have for breakfast tomorrow!

Went to IHOP for free birthday pancakes. Oops. Saw after we got there that we were at the wrong location. The server asked the manager and he was kind enough to honor the deal. We enjoyed a nice quiet dinner thanks to Blippi (a YouTube show haha) and watched the WSU basketball game on Luke’s phone. And don’t even think about hatin’ on my choice of IHOP for dinner. Not only did I truly enjoy my bacon, eggs, and pancakes, but the boys ate EVERYTHING I gave them and I didn’t have to cook it or clean up. Also, we probably looked like THOSE parents watching Luke’s phone and letting the boys watch mine, but it was truly the best birthday gift ever to have a quiet meal with basketball on.

The boys were exceptionally fussy this evening. We got them to bed not a moment too soon. But really, it wasn’t terrible. Just part of my grown-up birthday. 

In the middle of all this I got a million and a half fb messages, texts, videos, all reminding me that I am loved and that y’all remembered me on my birthday. It was fun. It was an extra special part of an excellent birthday. Thank you 🙂