How to get the best out of Amazon Prime Day!

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You have probably been seeing ads for Amazon Prime Day everywhere and you may be wondering why all the hype? For me, long before I started Fun2Find Deals, I looked forward to Amazon Prime Day. It’s like Black Friday in July. The prices are insanely low on lots of things. One year I saved half on diapers and completely stocked up! You never know what kind of deals they’re going to have, but we DO know there will be thousands of deals.

When is Prime Day?
July 15-16 are the primary days, but there will be deals before and after. The majority of deals will be posted on those 2 days.

What do I need to know about Prime Day?
Wading through all the deals can get a little bit hairy. Last year I didn’t have a strategy and I quickly got overwhelmed. If you want help seeing what the most popular/best deals are, make sure you like Fun2Find Deals on Facebook! Even better, join the Fun2Find Deals Group I will be primarily posting deals there! I am planning on scouring the deals to share the best deals with YOU! In fact, if you go join the Fun2Find Deals Group now, you can request specific items you’d like me to look for so I can help you out!

How do I need to prepare for Amazon Prime Day?
First, make sure you have a Prime membership so you can participate! You can get your FREE 30 Day Trial here! I’d go ahead and sign up now, because they are already starting to post some crazy low prices to get everyone excited! Also, you get access to all sorts of TV shows and Movies with Prime – so make the most of it while you have your free trial!

Second, join the Fun2Find Deals Group and like Fun2Find Deals on Facebook so you don’t have to weed through everything yourself! I can be your tour guide!

Other helpful Amazon hints:
You can gift a Prime membership to someone else. What a great birthday present! A whole year of free shipping + so much more! Go here!

While we’re talking about how great Prime is, did you know that you can get thousands of audio books on Amazon? Get a FREE 30 day trial of Audible here!

College Students can sign up for a FREE 6-month trial of Amazon Student, Prime shipping + exclusive student benefits! Check it out here!

Tip of the Day

I have tried on NO LESS than 50 coats since January 1. And yet, finding The Perfect Coat still alludes me. I may have found a tip, though, from my wonderful friends at church who keep trying to help me out!

All The North Face coats are 30% off online right now at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Which is a pretty good price. BUT, did you know they are 40% off IN STORE? And, they will order your size for you from online, and price match, and ship it to you directly! So, if you’re looking for a coat, go in to Dick’s and have them order you a coat for 40% off!

Just FYI, you do have to ask them to. The cashier rang up my coat at the 30% off online price. I simply asked, “Can you price match that to your in-store discount of 40% off?” and they said yes, and ordered my coat.

The only problem is they didn’t have any in my size in the coat I wanted in stock, so I had to order a different size. We’ll see if I can size down or not when it gets here. Free Returns if it doesn’t work!

They also had several racks of newly clearance TNF jackets, as well as other great brands!

3 Ways to Save with Twins (Multiples)

You may or may not know that about 3 years ago we welcomed not one but TWO beautiful little boys into this world. There’s no way to really describe what having twins is like unless you’ve been through it. But that’s another post for another day. 

Today I’m talking about the best way to save money with newborn twins. The crazy thing about having 2 babies in the house AT THE SAME TIME is you have to have two of almost everything AT THE SAME TIME. This can make life quite expensive. Here are a few tips we discovered that made the financial side of things manageable. 

1. Borrow! One of our baby gifts from my Sister-in-Law was letting me “store” her baby things between babies. She brought over a crib mattress, jumperoo, pack n play, floor play mat, bumbo, swing, bouncer, baby boy clothes, cups and dishes, and Moby wrap, among other things. This worked out really well for us as we were given 1 of each of most of these, but having 2 was ideal most of the time – especially with swings and bouncers. And honestly, twins in Bumbos make super cute pictures. We also borrowed a Rock N Play from a cousin (I’d never heard of them but it saved our life!) and then gave it right back for their next little one. I’m so thankful for these items and my generous family members!

2. Buy used and resell after! There are tons of local buy/sell/trade sites on Facebook and it’s super easy to find exactly what you need. Just make sure you wash it up good before giving it to baby. We used this option for several larger items – and then I sold it again afterwards so we didn’t have to store them. If we kept it nice, we could often resell for the same price we purchased it used.

3. Find a Twin Mama with twins just a little bit older than yours and buy from her! I’ve been blessed to have found a local Twin Mama who’s boys are a year or so older than my boys. As they grow out of clothes, my boys are growing into them. I love this because I know she takes good care of her boys’ clothes and will sell for a good price, so I love to buy from her. We have bought LOTS of pants and shirts from her – as well as some other items. 

These are the 3 ways we’ve used the most to save money on stuff for our twins! Do you have any tips for Moms of Multiples?