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Do you use Chatbooks?! I do! I have made several Chatbooks, including one of my twin boys’ entire first year! It’s huge! I was able to transfer all of the photos I’d uploaded to Facebook AND all the captions (I write a lot!) and the book turned out wonderfully. I love it!

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You can also make a series from Instagram or Facebook and make consecutive books each month. This is a great way to easily keep the pictures you’ve uploaded printed!

Beyond all of that they have Mini Books now – great for little kids to look at the pictures! And pints, and cards (I’ve used them for our Christmas Cards!)… so many options!

Chatbooks also make great gifts, especially for family members like grandparents! The one picture per page makes them easy to see, and you can easily caption it for a special memory book to be treasured always!

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A Little Bit of Family History…

My mother in law saved a little bit of everything. I know that cleaning her things out after her passing was a huge chore and took quite a while. But, oh! The treasures we found! One of my favorite things we found were baby clothes that belonged to my husband and his brother! The twins had already outgrown most of them by the time we went through those particular boxes, but they’re still so much fun to have.

Recently, my sister in law found racing suits that our husbands wore when they were little! We’re guessing they were about 2 years and 8 months old respectively in the pic, which was taken in 1989.

My husband and his brother in 1989

My Father-in-Law worked for Goodyear at the time, so the shoulders have Goodyear patches on them and of course the helmet in the original pic is a Goodyear helmet. One of the neatest things about that is now that my FIL is racing again, we have recently acquired Goodyear as a sponsor of the Lear Speed team! What an honor to have things come full circle!

B age 3

Since Daddy’s suit is for an 8 or 9 month old, we borrowed his brother’s suit to take pics. We were able to grab a few at the Pueblo race with Papa Boyd’s race car! The boys were thrilled and did NOT want to take it back off!

T age 3

I know the boys’ Grandma Lorri would have LOVED to see the boys in their uncle’s suit! I am thankful that she saved precious items like this that we can use to honor her memory.

My twins’ cousins: L age 4, K age 6 months

My SIL went so far as to remake the original pic, and I just LOVE it! Especially K’s smile! He quite enjoys pretending to be his uncle!

Thanks for coming along to see a little bit of our family’s history today! You can check out the Lear Speed team on Facebook to learn more about our current racing season!

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