Power Tools + Cleaning = Yes!

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I’ve been trying to clean my stand up shower.

My guess is that it’s as old as our home, so about 20 years old.

It gets that orange gunk on it that builds up in all the corners and no matter how hard I work to get it out, I can’t seem to get it all. I’ve even taken a tooth brush to it with little luck! The hard part about a stand up shower is all the little corners that are hard to get to when the door is open and impossible when the door is closed.

I recently asked in one of my mom groups what other moms do to clean their shower and I got some great responses. My favorite was this nifty tool:

You guys, this thing is amazing! It worked easily with the drill we already own and did an insane job of cleaning our shower. Much better than even the toothbrush did! The link above is the exact set I bought (please note it does NOT come with the drill), but I wish I would have searched around a bit for a better deal. I looked on Amazon and came up with a similar set for a few dollars less.

I also used Barkeepers Friend (BKF) to clean. An acidic toilet bowl cleaner was recommended to me, but a friend told me she used toilet bowl cleaner to clean the shower as a child and it took the finish off and essentially ruined the shower. So… I’m not recommending that one. But I do find good success with BKF! There is a powder and liquid form of BKF, but I’ve had the best success with the powder version. I also use it on my kitchen sink to keep it white!

Powdered BKF

I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but you can see that the orange gunk is gone! I was even able to get up in the corners and under the door well with the smallest piece. I used the extension piece the whole time (you can see it on the drill) because it seemed to make it easier, especially in the back corner behind the door. And the powdered residue you see in the pic is the Barkeepers Friend that I haven’t scrubbed up or rinsed out yet.

I did get a humorous text exchange when I asked my husband where our drill was… 😃 

I still need to figure out how to get the orange out of the caulking around the door and shower, but I’m not sure that’s possible. It seems ingrained in the caulking now. Any ideas welcome!

I LOVE learning new tips like this that make life a little easier (and things a little cleaner!). Please comment below with any shower cleaning tips you’d like to share! Also, please join Fun2Find Deals on Facebook to find great prices on a little bit of everything!

Product Review Wednesday – NanoTowels Stainless Steel Cleaner

Full Disclosure: Links in this post may be affiliate links. I use these to help keep my blog up and going! I appreciate when you use my links to purchase products (and I know you appreciate knowing it doesn’t cost you any extra!), and I also appreciate you hanging out and reading my blog! Also, find my deal page to see great deals HERE!

When we bought our house a few years ago it came with stainless steel appliances. Well, it was supposed to… we ended up having to go out and buy a refrigerator… but that’s another story. I love the look of stainless in our kitchen. But did you know that stainless steel attracts fingerprints?  The microwave seems to enjoy showcasing any sort of splatters from the stove. The dishwasher likes to highlight drips from the sink or countertops. And our refrigerator is just what we need – it’s counter depth so it fits in the space we have. But when the boys get water out of the in-door water dispenser they spill water all down the front of it and it tends to look messy more than it looks clean. 😂 We’ve bought disposable cleaners for it before, but then you have to continue to buy them so I just stopped using them. Great plan, I know. 🤪

When I saw these Nano Towels for Stainless Steel on Amazon lightning deal the other day I felt like they would be an extremely viable alternative to buying cleaners over and over for our appliances. Whatdya know, they did NOT disappoint! All it took was a little water and the fridge wiped down so quickly and easily!

Before and After with the Nano Towel😲

The Nano Towel for Stainless Steel will be great to keep nearby and I can wipe down my fridge and other appliances whenever I need to! One of my favorite things about them is you don’t need any chemicals or anything else, just the towel and water!

When I find a product like this, so simple to use and straightforward, I often wonder why I hadn’t looked for it before! Have you used Nano Towels? A quick search shows they have lots of other options as well. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a good deal so I can try them, too! Make sure you like/follow my facebook page Fun2Find Deals so you’ll see the next time these go on sale and tons of other great deals as well!

Makeup Brush Cleaning – Some “Dos” and “Don’ts”

How often do you clean your Makeup brushes? I currently need to wash mine again! A quick google search says once a week is ideal to clean our makeup brushes! I am definitely not on top of it like that, but I have learned a few things trying to keep mine clean.

Keeping makeup brushes clean is super important! Not only can makeup buildup in the brushes be irritating to our skin, but it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria! Even in my 30s I get the occasional breakout, so I try to do everything I can to avoid them when possible.

A silicone cleaning tool is super helpful to get the makeup out of the bristles without ruining the brush! I currently have one very similar to this one. You can hold it with one hand and the brush with the other. I like it and think it works well. I recently also saw this silicone mat! The cool thing about is that you can just lay it in the bottom of the sink and you don’t have to hold it.

(affiliate links): Pink or Aqua?

The other thing I make sure I have on hand is a good makeup brush cleaner. Harsher cleaners can mess with the bristles. There are some good reviews on using Dawn dish cleaner and Olive Oil, but it was easier for me personally to just get a cleaner that I knew was safe. There are all sorts of price points out there, but of course I tried to get the best deal. I’ve been very happy with this one! I also use very little of it at a time so it’s lasted me quite a while! (I bought it 2 years ago and still have quite a bit left… maybe I should clean my brushes more!)

I hope these tips help a little! What tools have you found are helpful in keeping your Makeup brushes clean?

KonMari. Or Not?

I originally wrote this April 16, 2018 for a different blog, and before the Netflix documentary about Marie Kondo became popular. However, I am constantly going through our house and trying to find things I can give away or sell. I felt like this blog still applies today! And just to be honest, I haven’t watched the KonMari documentary. Yet.

As we prepared for our garage sale last weekend I was going through our house like a mad person. I love getting rid of stuff. It’s even better when I can make a few dollars doing it! But when it comes to our clothes, I struggle. I doubt many people consider their closet to be a window to their past, but that’s just what it is for me. I reach for an old dress that’s too small now. It would be a good idea to sell it, so I pull it off the hanger. As I hold it I am reminded of my bridal shower 5 years ago. The love I felt by friends and family that day. 

And I just can’t do it. Back on the hangar it goes. 

I turn to my t-shirts, thinking I can find a few to weed out. Why do I have so many tie dye t-shirts? I ask myself. I see the one I bought when my husband and I were dating. I see the one I got on our honeymoon. I hold the one my Father-in-Law talked me into buying a few weeks ago because he knows I love bright colors. I put them all back on the shelf. Even the $12 for 7 white V-neck Ts I bought after my twins were born. They were the only thing that fit at the time and that’s all I wore for a month. 

There’s a sweater my Mother-in-Law gave me for Christmas. She’s not around to hug anymore, but the sweater is and it reminds me of her. 

There’s the nursing shirts my Mom bought me so I didn’t have to wear only white T-shirts anymore.

Do I need them? No.  Do they hold precious memories? The best. 

My boys’ closet was next. I have their old clothes in tubs in the basement so they were easy to get to. I began pulling out the first shoes they ever wore, their Easter outfits and tiny sleepers. I sat and basked in the sweet memories of bringing home tiny twin boys and how they’ve changed in the past 2 years. I put their clothes back, too. I’m sure when the tubs are bursting at the seams and we need more storage space I will sell or give their clothes away. For now, they’re safe and can be pulled back out if needed in the future.

I have to admit I was not successful at weeding our clothes well. I did sell a few things that never really fit right, and other household items, but for the most part I stayed away from our clothes. Our memories. Those soft, huggable pieces of moments in our lives. Moments that can be relived at any time, or for the next garage sale. It’s never a bad thing to clean out your house, but sometimes it’s okay to hang on to things, too.