Free Trial of Gwynnie Bee AND up to $52 cash back!

Have you ever wanted to try a subscription service for clothes? FREE?! Plus earn $5 back?! Gwynnie Bee and Swagbucks are offering just that!

How a clothes subscription works: You pick out clothes on their site and put it in your “closet.” Once you get 6 items in your closet, they send them to you! You wear them, and send them back. No strings attached.

How this deal works:
Go to Swagbucks.
Register or Login.
Search for Gwynnie Bee. You should see a box like the one below.
Click “Shop Now” and sign up! Make sure you put clothes in your closet right away since the free trial is 1 month.
You will get 500 swagbucks within 32 days and you can use those to buy a gift card to your favorite store or PayPal.
You can cancel your subscription after a month and return the clothes, and you will get to keep the 500 swagbucks!
Stay subscribed past the trial and earn an additional 5,200 SB! It’s your choice! It’s about $75 a month to continue the service.
You can also refer your friends to earn credit toward subsequent months! They’ll get a free trial and credit, too.

I’m having fun with this and hope you do, too! My second box is already on it’s way!

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 3.19.45 PM
Get your deal at Swagbucks!

Free shoes and put money in YOUR pocket!

I just got my shoes in the mail, TODAY! I LOVE THEM! And they were FREE!! I just checked on Swagbucks, and the deal is still available! Follow these easy steps to get your own FREE pair of shoes AND money back!

Sign up for Swagbucks.
Search for ShoeDazzle.
Click Shop.
Pick out a pair of shoes. Your first pair is only $10 when you sign up for VIP!
Swagbucks will issue you 2500 Swagbucks within 32 days. This is worth $25 in gift cards to your favorite place or PayPal!
You end up with a pair of shoes AND money in your pocket.
Make sure you cancel the service before the 5th of the next month if you don’t want to continue your monthly shoe subscription! (You can also skip a month as long as you skip by the 5th). 

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.55.27 PM
Get it HERE!

Earn your $.08 a day at!

Did y’all know that you can earn $.08 a day on Silly, I know… but if you’re logged in and you click on the daily steal under each category (She – Baby – Kid – Scrap) it awards you 2 cents for each click! It takes a few seconds a day and doesn’t cost you a thing! Once I saved up $5 between purchases. $5 off was worth it to me to click daily! They have cute stuff on sale all the time, too. It’s hard to say no to the deal most days!

One-Year Sam’s Club Membership with $10 eGift Card and Optional $25 Vudu Movie Credit – Up to 79% Off

Get a SAM’S CLUB MEMBERSHIP for either $30 or $45! Check out the two options, because you get a LOT more free stuff with the $45 membership (including a second card for someone else, a $10 Sam’s gift card, and free food)! This is for new members, only.

Are you a member of Swagbucks? If so, shop through their site and earn 3% cashback on Groupon as well. Not a member of Swagbucks? Join here!

Get your Sam’s Club Membership here!

Kiki LaRue


Thanks to some of the gals in the Lear family, I have been falling in love with a little Texas boutique named Kiki LaRue (completely different than LuLaRoe and all the leggings, I promise!!). This little boutique has a life and a fb family all it’s own, and it’s fun! And the clothes are great! And if you don’t know what size you are you find a size twin in their insider group and figure it out!

Besides their clothes being cute, good quality, and moderately priced, here are some of my favorite things about Kiki LaRue!

FREE SHIPPING! Shipping is always free!

SALES! They have frequent sales! Today’s is a shoe sale!

GIVEAWAYS! They do giveaways all the time on their main FB page and on their Insider Page!

BIRTHDAY POINTS! They give points for frequent shoppers, including birthday points! I’m posting my referral link so you can help me out with earning points, and you also get a 15% off coupon! Make sure when you sign up you put your birthday in the “KLR Cash” and the afternoon of your birthday you’ll find an AWESOME surprise. It’s my favorite! There are other ways to earn points, too.

THE INSIDER CLUB! This is a fun, positive community of gals who encourage each other instead of body shaming. Let me know if you want added. It’s a lot of fun, I promise!

Sign up here!! Click here to check out Kiki LaRue!