How to get the best out of Amazon Prime Day!

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You have probably been seeing ads for Amazon Prime Day everywhere and you may be wondering why all the hype? For me, long before I started Fun2Find Deals, I looked forward to Amazon Prime Day. It’s like Black Friday in July. The prices are insanely low on lots of things. One year I saved half on diapers and completely stocked up! You never know what kind of deals they’re going to have, but we DO know there will be thousands of deals.

When is Prime Day?
July 15-16 are the primary days, but there will be deals before and after. The majority of deals will be posted on those 2 days.

What do I need to know about Prime Day?
Wading through all the deals can get a little bit hairy. Last year I didn’t have a strategy and I quickly got overwhelmed. If you want help seeing what the most popular/best deals are, make sure you like Fun2Find Deals on Facebook! Even better, join the Fun2Find Deals Group I will be primarily posting deals there! I am planning on scouring the deals to share the best deals with YOU! In fact, if you go join the Fun2Find Deals Group now, you can request specific items you’d like me to look for so I can help you out!

How do I need to prepare for Amazon Prime Day?
First, make sure you have a Prime membership so you can participate! You can get your FREE 30 Day Trial here! I’d go ahead and sign up now, because they are already starting to post some crazy low prices to get everyone excited! Also, you get access to all sorts of TV shows and Movies with Prime – so make the most of it while you have your free trial!

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Other helpful Amazon hints:
You can gift a Prime membership to someone else. What a great birthday present! A whole year of free shipping + so much more! Go here!

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Free Chick-Fil-A? How to get yours!

Full Disclosure: Links in this post may be affiliate links. I use these to help keep my blog up and going! I appreciate when you use my links to purchase products (and I know you appreciate knowing it doesn’t cost you any extra!), and I also appreciate you hanging out and reading my blog! Also, find my deal page to see great deals HERE!

July 9 is the day! 

What day?! 

Chick-Fil-A’s Dress Like a Cow and get a Free Entree Day! Officially known as Cow Appreciation Day!

Curious how to get yours?

B – 2016
T – 2016

It’s become a yearly tradition for our family to go, from the time the twins were super little. I usually dress them in white or black and then just add paper spots – but this year I decided to do something a little easier. I picked up some cow bandanas and cow tails (these options also come with ears!) so we don’t have to try too hard anymore. I just have to remember where I put them!

Can you believe it’s only a week away?

Free food is always a winner in my book. Somehow, getting to dress up while doing it makes it even more fun!

Tim Hawkins sings it perfectly,
“Chick-Fil-A, I could eat there seven times a day
Where the people laugh and children play
Oh, I’m in love with Chick-fil-A
Suddenly, I need waffle fries in front of me
With some nuggets & a large sweet tea
Oh, Chick-fil-A. You set me free.”


While the song is slightly overdramatic, since having kids I have really appreciated the kind service while the twins play in the play area, the order ahead via the app, the quick drive-thru service. It’s all pretty great!

T & B in 2017

Will we see you there?!

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FREE School Supplies for Teachers!!

Full Disclosure: Links in this post may be affiliate links. I use these to help keep my blog up and going! I appreciate when you use my links to purchase products (and I know you appreciate knowing it doesn’t cost you any extra!), and I also appreciate you hanging out and reading my blog! Also, find my deal page to see great deals HERE!

Wow! Teachers can sign up to receive a free box of erasers, Ticonderoga pencils, and rulers! Links below!

Click the pictures above or get yours here —>

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Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Power Tools + Cleaning = Yes!

Full Disclosure: Links in this post may be affiliate links. I use these to help keep my blog up and going! I appreciate when you use my links to purchase products (and I know you appreciate knowing it doesn’t cost you any extra!), and I also appreciate you hanging out and reading my blog! Also, find my deal page to see great deals HERE!

I’ve been trying to clean my stand up shower.

My guess is that it’s as old as our home, so about 20 years old.

It gets that orange gunk on it that builds up in all the corners and no matter how hard I work to get it out, I can’t seem to get it all. I’ve even taken a tooth brush to it with little luck! The hard part about a stand up shower is all the little corners that are hard to get to when the door is open and impossible when the door is closed.

I recently asked in one of my mom groups what other moms do to clean their shower and I got some great responses. My favorite was this nifty tool:

You guys, this thing is amazing! It worked easily with the drill we already own and did an insane job of cleaning our shower. Much better than even the toothbrush did! The link above is the exact set I bought (please note it does NOT come with the drill), but I wish I would have searched around a bit for a better deal. I looked on Amazon and came up with a similar set for a few dollars less.

I also used Barkeepers Friend (BKF) to clean. An acidic toilet bowl cleaner was recommended to me, but a friend told me she used toilet bowl cleaner to clean the shower as a child and it took the finish off and essentially ruined the shower. So… I’m not recommending that one. But I do find good success with BKF! There is a powder and liquid form of BKF, but I’ve had the best success with the powder version. I also use it on my kitchen sink to keep it white!

Powdered BKF

I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but you can see that the orange gunk is gone! I was even able to get up in the corners and under the door well with the smallest piece. I used the extension piece the whole time (you can see it on the drill) because it seemed to make it easier, especially in the back corner behind the door. And the powdered residue you see in the pic is the Barkeepers Friend that I haven’t scrubbed up or rinsed out yet.

I did get a humorous text exchange when I asked my husband where our drill was… 😃 

I still need to figure out how to get the orange out of the caulking around the door and shower, but I’m not sure that’s possible. It seems ingrained in the caulking now. Any ideas welcome!

I LOVE learning new tips like this that make life a little easier (and things a little cleaner!). Please comment below with any shower cleaning tips you’d like to share! Also, please join Fun2Find Deals on Facebook to find great prices on a little bit of everything!

A Little Bit of Family History…

My mother in law saved a little bit of everything. I know that cleaning her things out after her passing was a huge chore and took quite a while. But, oh! The treasures we found! One of my favorite things we found were baby clothes that belonged to my husband and his brother! The twins had already outgrown most of them by the time we went through those particular boxes, but they’re still so much fun to have.

Recently, my sister in law found racing suits that our husbands wore when they were little! We’re guessing they were about 2 years and 8 months old respectively in the pic, which was taken in 1989.

My husband and his brother in 1989

My Father-in-Law worked for Goodyear at the time, so the shoulders have Goodyear patches on them and of course the helmet in the original pic is a Goodyear helmet. One of the neatest things about that is now that my FIL is racing again, we have recently acquired Goodyear as a sponsor of the Lear Speed team! What an honor to have things come full circle!

B age 3

Since Daddy’s suit is for an 8 or 9 month old, we borrowed his brother’s suit to take pics. We were able to grab a few at the Pueblo race with Papa Boyd’s race car! The boys were thrilled and did NOT want to take it back off!

T age 3

I know the boys’ Grandma Lorri would have LOVED to see the boys in their uncle’s suit! I am thankful that she saved precious items like this that we can use to honor her memory.

My twins’ cousins: L age 4, K age 6 months

My SIL went so far as to remake the original pic, and I just LOVE it! Especially K’s smile! He quite enjoys pretending to be his uncle!

Thanks for coming along to see a little bit of our family’s history today! You can check out the Lear Speed team on Facebook to learn more about our current racing season!

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Let’s Get to 1000 on FB!

If you’ve been with my page for a little while, you probably know how excited I am each time my page grows a little bit in numbers! Before I really got serious about sharing deals the Fun2Find Deals Facebook page hung out at around 150 likes for a very long time. In the past few months I’ve been working really hard to make it a fun page to be a part of, and YOU have been AWESOME in making it fun for me! We’ve also grown exponentially, and are currently almost to 800 likes!!! 😲😲😲

I want to do something really special when we get to 1000, and I want you to be a part of that, too!! I’m still trying to figure out all the details, but I want to give away a gift card to one of our newest members, and to the person that invited them! Sooo…. head over to the Fun2Find Deals Facebook page to enter!

Thank you for all of your likes, reactions, comments, shares, & purchases and for making Fun2Find Deals a great place to be! I’m here because of you and I REALLY appreciate you!

Moms, You got this!

There’s a popular athletic brand that has the motto “Just do it.” You may know who I’m talking about. While intended to be an encouragement for athletes, I really think this motto really would better fit new moms, or moms of littles. Maybe moms of older kids, too? I don’t know much about that yet, but I’ll let you know in a few years.

Why do I say this? Well… because (at least for me) the first few years of motherhood make it hard to do things. Just getting out of the house is a marathon by the time you’ve changed diapers or helped littles use the potty, gotten everyone looking somewhat presentable, out to the car, buckled in, and remembered to pack the diaper bag or your purse full of snacks, water, and supplies for any and every situation that may come up while you’re out. It’s a little nuts. By the time you’ve accomplished getting everyone into the car, it feels like it should be time to take a nap (for mom at least!). Not time to drive TO the event, whatever it may be, and expend more energy, then pack back up and get everyone back home.

Yet, even with that daunting task of getting everyone in the car ahead of you, Moms, do it. Just get out. I can’t take credit for this thought though. A fellow twin mom stopped by one day to bring me the twin breastfeeding pillow she’d sold me. And when she dropped it off (she’s definitely a true mom friend if she knew not to expect me to be able to come get it!) she told me the best advice she had for me was to make myself get out of the house with the twins. Let me tell you – it’s terrifying to take 2 newborns into public. Not so much because I didn’t want people in their faces (it was winter so I was able to keep them pretty well covered and out of sight) but because they needed to eat every 2 to 3 hours and nursing 2 at once was a task all in itself. Plus they cried a lot, I was super tired, etc.

I took her advice seriously though. My mom went with me the first several times to help load them up and care for them. I think our first outing was to the mall to get me a few new clothing items for my new mom bod. We definitely went with a purpose and shopped as quickly as possible. We did have to walk to the other end of the mall to look at another store but never stopped to talk to people – I just kind of yelled answers back at people:
“Yes! They’re twins!”
“2 months old!”
“Sorry, can’t stop to let you look at them, we’ve gotta keep moving before they get hungry!”
Strangers have a lot of questions about twins, btw. We even scoped out a little area near the dressing room where we could stop to nurse if needed, but those little fellas did amazing. They were still quiet when we were done, so we raced home and were there for our next feed.

It felt so good to just get out and do it.

Exhausting? Yes!
Terrifying? Of course!
Empowering? Absolutely.

Now that the boys are 3 we’ve done so much more than I would have guessed. We have taken them to visit my husband’s side of the family – 3.5 hours – countless times. We’ve gone on 9 hour drives to Texas and Colorado half a dozen times. And in fact, we have even driven to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which is at least 16 hours one way and flown with them to Florida. All of these trips were daunting, and there were moments during each trip that we didn’t enjoy, but do I regret any of them?! No! We made awesome memories on each one.

But you know what? It’s not always the huge outings/trips that are the scariest.

Last year some of the children’s leaders at our church approached me to see if I would teach a class at Vacation Bible School. We had never been ANYWHERE by 9 am 5 days in a row. But I said yes. And we did it. The twins got sick Monday night of VBS (it’s a M-F morning program) and someone had to teach my class Tuesday morning… but by George, we got through it and the rest of the week was a success.

This year when they asked me again, it was much easier to say yes. I knew it would be hard and we would be tired at the end, but we did it. We were almost late a few days, but we did it! No one even said anything negative to me the days that the twins and I walked in flustered, cutting it just a little close on time. I appreciated that so much! They understood I was doing my best, and I was in class and ready on time, and that’s what mattered!

For the sake of reality, you should know that I also say “no” to many things I want to do or that are available for me to do. We definitely cannot and should not try to do everything. But don’t say no to everything that scares you. Get out of the house, and go do things! If your kids yell a little too much and don’t listen and you have to leave early, it wasn’t a failure. You still tried it and did it!

I want this post to encourage you that even though there are things that are hard as moms, and even when they don’t go perfect – like VBS when my kids got sick or we ran late in the morning – it’s still worth it to get out and do them! Don’t try to do #allthethings, but do get out and do some things! You got this!

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Inquisitive 3 yr old Minds & a Name Tag

Today, when the first day of VBS was over and I had picked the boys up from nursery I sank to a stool in the library. This morning totally wore me out! I finally garnered enough energy to go, but needed to take the boys to the bathroom before we got in the van. 

That’s where the trouble began. 

“But I don’t have any potty in me!” whined T. 

“I don’t want to put my shoes on and go home!” cried B. 

My mom helped and we eventually got the 2 dissidents to the bathroom. They chose their own stall (that’s super important) and we began the process of going potty. It’s not easy or simple, you know. It’s a whole process that begins with choosing which is the perfect stall to use and ends with washing and drying hands and soap and water everywhere. Surely you moms & dads know what I’m talking about?? Or maybe it’s just us. Sometimes I feel like taking 2 3 year olds to the bathroom is an Olympic event. And we train for it multiple times a day. 


We had no sooner each chosen our respective stalls when we heard B began to bawl. He’d pinched his finger in the door trying to lock it and now the world was ending. I guess I wasn’t the only exhausted one because this kid could not handle life anymore. I tried to comfort him but he could not move on from the horror of the pinching. He cried while going potty. He cried while washing his hands. He cried while gathering our things out of the library. He cried when we headed toward the door. 

But when I took off my name tag to put on the registration desk – I didn’t want to forget it in the morning – he wailed. 

“You have to take it with us!!” – B

“No, I need to leave it here so I don’t forget it!!” – Me

“Noooooooooo! You have to take it with us!!” – B

I finally gave up trying to reason with him, and I carried him to the car while T tagged along with us. The crying did not stop through the parking lot. The crying did not stop while we buckled into our car seats. And the crying did not stop as we headed to grab lunch. (“BUT I DON’T WANT FOOD!”)

Once he finally got food he calmed down. I guess he’s like me and hits a wall of hunger and all of a sudden everything is not ok. Boom. Instant. Not ok. Hangry.

We made it home in a much better place (we also saw Mimi’s van, many crane trucks, a truck pulling a house on a trailer, a firetruck, a backhoe, and a couple tractors on the way home, which helped).

We got in the door. Everyone was calm. We sat down and to finish eating lunch. I thought we were totally in the clear and that everyone was over the events that happened right before lunch when I heard B say, “Mom?”


“But why did you have to leave that [name tag] thing there? You neeeeeed it” – B

In the words of the vultures from The Jungle Book: “Now don’t start that again!” Oh, the joys of being a mom to inquisitive boys!

My Unexpected Cheer Squad!

If you have a son, or multiple sons, or have been around little boys for any number of minutes, you know that boys are… just boys. They are loud. They are intense. They talk about the weirdest things. They like to make messes. And they are the sweetest, most encouraging little beings on the planet. Case in point. I had moved some of our play equipment around in the backyard, because it seems like the boys like to play on new things… or on things that look different and new. I try to move toys around inside the house on a regular (read: random and when I can remember to do so) basis, and I thought I’d try this technique outside, too. Well… imagine my surprise when I was out mowing the other day and looked up to see my cheering squad leaning over our 6′ fence! I couldn’t even be mad, though! Not only was it extremely energizing to hear “Good job, Mommy!” a hundred and fifty times in a minute, but I also could keep my eyes on them the entire time I mowed instead of needing to take frequent breaks to make sure they were still happily playing! The frequent thumbs-up and smiles were a huge positive, too! What a win-win situation! 🤣

My biggest fans!

Now, of course, I need to make sure they don’t climb over the fence when I’m not looking. Time to rearrange the backyard again, methinks! 🤪

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❤️ Chipotle BOGO for Nurses!! ❤️

It’s one of my favorite days of the year! Chipotle is bringing back their Buy One Get One for Nurses on June 4, 2019.

Burritos, bowls, salads, and tacos…however you celebrate we just wanna say thanks for everything you do.” – Chipotle

This deal is good from open to close with a valid ID!

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