Power Tools + Cleaning = Yes!

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I’ve been trying to clean my stand up shower.

My guess is that it’s as old as our home, so about 20 years old.

It gets that orange gunk on it that builds up in all the corners and no matter how hard I work to get it out, I can’t seem to get it all. I’ve even taken a tooth brush to it with little luck! The hard part about a stand up shower is all the little corners that are hard to get to when the door is open and impossible when the door is closed.

I recently asked in one of my mom groups what other moms do to clean their shower and I got some great responses. My favorite was this nifty tool:

You guys, this thing is amazing! It worked easily with the drill we already own and did an insane job of cleaning our shower. Much better than even the toothbrush did! The link above is the exact set I bought (please note it does NOT come with the drill), but I wish I would have searched around a bit for a better deal. I looked on Amazon and came up with a similar set for a few dollars less.

I also used Barkeepers Friend (BKF) to clean. An acidic toilet bowl cleaner was recommended to me, but a friend told me she used toilet bowl cleaner to clean the shower as a child and it took the finish off and essentially ruined the shower. So… I’m not recommending that one. But I do find good success with BKF! There is a powder and liquid form of BKF, but I’ve had the best success with the powder version. I also use it on my kitchen sink to keep it white!

Powdered BKF

I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but you can see that the orange gunk is gone! I was even able to get up in the corners and under the door well with the smallest piece. I used the extension piece the whole time (you can see it on the drill) because it seemed to make it easier, especially in the back corner behind the door. And the powdered residue you see in the pic is the Barkeepers Friend that I haven’t scrubbed up or rinsed out yet.

I did get a humorous text exchange when I asked my husband where our drill was… 😃 

I still need to figure out how to get the orange out of the caulking around the door and shower, but I’m not sure that’s possible. It seems ingrained in the caulking now. Any ideas welcome!

I LOVE learning new tips like this that make life a little easier (and things a little cleaner!). Please comment below with any shower cleaning tips you’d like to share! Also, please join Fun2Find Deals on Facebook to find great prices on a little bit of everything!

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