Product Review Wednesday – Step 2 Kid’s Art Easel

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Some of my favorite gifts for the twins have been things we never asked for! Last year for the twins’ 2nd birthday their Aunt Khaki (Aunt Kathy) got them this Step 2 Easel and some additional dry erase markers. It has been wonderful!

The boys love to color on both the chalkboard side and the white board side. And they really enjoy playing with the magnets as well! It’s super fun! I was really impressed the other day when B told me he wrote his letters and sure enough I looked over and the kid had written his name with no prompting, and pretty will for being barely 3 years old! 

I’m really proud of this! 😀

The boys are really into spelling right now. They usually ask, “What is his/her letters?” pretty much about everyone! They can spell Mimi, Papa, Mom, Dad, their own names, their babysitter, and they’re always working on a new word or name! We use the easel to practice writing a lot!

Since the boys are only 3, and are super curious, we have had a couple issues with chalk and marker turning up where it shouldn’t be. The chalk is definitely easier to get off things, just an FYI haha. I didn’t give them the markers for a while and we had a bit of a learning curve, but they’re sticking to the white board better now. So far our only casualties have been a chair I recovered last year and the wall. 

If you need a travel easel we have had great success with these little wooden boxes! They’re pretty much the same thing, only smaller! We use them for quiet time (I only give them magnets, not markers or chalk if I’m not supervising), in the car, church, or any time we need some sort of quiet play! These would also make a great gift for a little in your life. 

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