Product Review Wednesday – Toothbrush Holders

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It’s actually kinda funny how much I love the little men in the picture below. I didn’t realize you could become so attached to toothbrush holders πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I got these for our twins’ bathroom… which is also the guest bathroom. I was tired of toothbrush holders that collect gunk in the bottom of them, or rust out quickly, or don’t have enough room for the fun electric toothbrushes we’ve been getting the boys to make toothbrushing more fun. So, on a whim, I bought these. They are so much fun! I think they’re cute, they’re easy to clean, and they work just like I wanted them to.

When we first got them I was only going to put 2 up for the twins’ toothbrushes, but they immediately opened the other 2 up and stuck them on the mirror as well. They like to move them around and switch the color they’re using. One tip we learned was to put a little water on the back of the suction cup to keep them suctioned longer.

I thought that the little arms would be moveable but they’re stationary… just FYI. The best part is that when we went out of town last weekend I just threw them in our travel bag and took them with us! They worked so well for all our toothbrushes, I plan to take them with us wherever we go!

We only needed 4, but I also found a set of 6 with more colors (the 2 extra are hooks to hang washrags on, etc, not toothbrush holders) available here. Or if you need 8 (2 of each color), you can find them here.

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