Product Review – Did you know? Goo Gone Works on Laundry!

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Goo Gone is GREAT for getting sticky off of everything! Have you used it? We use it all the time to get the sticky sticker residue off the floor or fridge (our boys like to stick stickers everywhere…) or just about everything! It’s great! I recently have found a new use for it (at least for our house).

Twice lately I have gotten some sort of greasy substance on my clothes. Something splashed on my scrubs at work, and the other was bacon grease while cooking. Even after treating once with stain remover and when that didn’t work washing with dish soap, then washing on cold, and laying out to dry, the greasy spots were still there! Ugh! I only own a few pairs of scrubs, so I definitely needed to get the grease out, and the other was a newer shirt I wanted to be able to wear. 

Finally, as a last resort, I tried Goo Gone Spray on the spots. And it worked! I sprayed it on, let it sit for a few minutes, washed on cold with a regular load and air-dried the item, and voila! Grease spots gone! Pretty sweet if you ask me. The Original would work as well, we just had the spray on hand.

When I was pulling up links for this post I saw a ton of new products I didn’t know where out there! Seems like Goo Gone has all sorts of products now! In fact, I knew once again that my husband I were meant to be when I saw that he had ordered some Goo Gone Automotive Cleaner just yesterday! Goo Gone is pretty much the best – and it’s confirmed that he agrees with me.

I saw a ton of other options for Goo Gone, too. Have you tried them? What other ways do you use Goo Gone in your home?

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Did you know? Goo Gone Works on Laundry!”

  1. I bought some Goo Gone and I wanted to try it on some stains, but I was afraid to. I did a search and found your blog… you have given me the courage to try it. Lol


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