Makeup Brush Cleaning – Some “Dos” and “Don’ts”

How often do you clean your Makeup brushes? I currently need to wash mine again! A quick google search says once a week is ideal to clean our makeup brushes! I am definitely not on top of it like that, but I have learned a few things trying to keep mine clean.

Keeping makeup brushes clean is super important! Not only can makeup buildup in the brushes be irritating to our skin, but it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria! Even in my 30s I get the occasional breakout, so I try to do everything I can to avoid them when possible.

A silicone cleaning tool is super helpful to get the makeup out of the bristles without ruining the brush! I currently have one very similar to this one. You can hold it with one hand and the brush with the other. I like it and think it works well. I recently also saw this silicone mat! The cool thing about is that you can just lay it in the bottom of the sink and you don’t have to hold it.

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The other thing I make sure I have on hand is a good makeup brush cleaner. Harsher cleaners can mess with the bristles. There are some good reviews on using Dawn dish cleaner and Olive Oil, but it was easier for me personally to just get a cleaner that I knew was safe. There are all sorts of price points out there, but of course I tried to get the best deal. I’ve been very happy with this one! I also use very little of it at a time so it’s lasted me quite a while! (I bought it 2 years ago and still have quite a bit left… maybe I should clean my brushes more!)

I hope these tips help a little! What tools have you found are helpful in keeping your Makeup brushes clean?

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