$10 off Walmart Grocery Pickup or FREE Delivery!

Taking kids to the store is a challenge! We all know that! Sometimes I like to get out of the house with them, but usually I like to avoid any in store arguments or tantrums! If nothing else, I try to avoid going in to more than just a couple stores when running errands, because the more stores we go to the bigger the chance that someone is going to get tired and throw a fit. (And of course, that person just might be ME!)

One of the lifesaving services I’ve found is grocery pickup! I use Kroger Clicklist a lot because they’re closer and I like to take advantage of their sales. I also only use them when I can get free pickup with a coupon or by purchasing certain items. However, I also like to use Walmart’s grocery pickup – especially because you can get $10 off your first order, and then $10 off subsequent orders if you share your referral link with friends! How do you get $10 off your first order? Keep reading!

If you’re new to Walmart Grocery Pickup you can use my referral code for $10 off your first order! The best part is that you simply order from your couch, then just stop by the Walmart you chose when ordering. There they will bring out your order and even load it for you! So easy! Here’s my referral link ➡️➡️ http://r.wmt.co/lB5vZ

Or, if you’ve ordered before but still want a deal, use the promo code DELIVERY to get 3 FREE deliveries from Walmart Grocery Pickup (order must be $50+). This promo was still good at the time of posting! Grocery delivery is the beeeeeeest. Once you’ve used your free deliveries from Walmart you will be SOLD. It’s so easy.

Hint: If you’d like to keep getting FREE deliveries all year you should look into Shipt. We have a Shipt subscription because we got an AMAZING deal on it last year and my twin boys were younger and getting out was so so hard. If you want to check it out you can use my referral link and you’ll get $50! off your year long membership!

I hope this helps with your grocery shopping! What tips have you found to make grocery shopping easier with littles?! I’d love to hear from you!

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