Tip of the Day

I have tried on NO LESS than 50 coats since January 1. And yet, finding The Perfect Coat still alludes me. I may have found a tip, though, from my wonderful friends at church who keep trying to help me out!

All The North Face coats are 30% off online right now at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Which is a pretty good price. BUT, did you know they are 40% off IN STORE? And, they will order your size for you from online, and price match, and ship it to you directly! So, if you’re looking for a coat, go in to Dick’s and have them order you a coat for 40% off!

Just FYI, you do have to ask them to. The cashier rang up my coat at the 30% off online price. I simply asked, “Can you price match that to your in-store discount of 40% off?” and they said yes, and ordered my coat.

The only problem is they didn’t have any in my size in the coat I wanted in stock, so I had to order a different size. We’ll see if I can size down or not when it gets here. Free Returns if it doesn’t work!

They also had several racks of newly clearance TNF jackets, as well as other great brands!

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