Hello! Welcome to my Blog!

I’m just really getting this blog up and running, and realized I haven’t introduced myself!

Hi! My name is Chandler. And I honestly LOVE finding a good deal! My husband, Luke, is also a great deal finder. So this blog has become an extension of us. We currently live in the Midwest, but both of us love to travel and have been/lived all over the world.

The “Fun2Find Deals” name comes from our most recent adventure – our twins! They came two at a time – and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to provide for them within our financial means! I stayed home full time for their first 2 years of life, and have gone back to work on a very limited basis when they turned 2 – so spending money wisely is important. The twins are the “2” in “Fun2Find Deals.” And trust me, for me, deals are FUN to find. 

My love of finding deals goes waaaaay back! I can remember my Granddad Kenneth buying the Consumer Reports magazines and reading up on every topic. Cars, televisions, and computers being some products that stand out most in my mind. If he purchased something, you knew he’d put a lot of time into researching – not necessarily for the cheapest item, but the best product for the money. It taught me a wise use of my finances available. 

In turn, my dad had each of us kids wait a pre-determined amount of days before we were allowed to buy something new. We had to tell him we wanted it, then think about it for 30 days (usually). Then, if we still wanted to buy the item, we were allowed to go get it. 30 days is a LONG time for a kid! 

All of this caused me to think a lot about the things I buy. Even necessities like groceries or clothes and shoes receive a lot of thought and time spent searching before I spend any money. My husband is a lot like me in this. He is constantly searching for the best deal on the things he wants/needs. He is also really good at fixing things up and helps us out a lot by finding a good deal and making it GREAT for our family. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about us. If you’d like to take the time to let me know more about you, please introduce yourself in the comments! 

Welcome to Fun2Find Deals! So glad you are here.

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