Kick those germs!

Ugh. It’s the end of February. Everyone has been inside because of the cold for MONTHS (especially here in in the Midwest!). Sometimes it feels like the germs are starting to take over! I am working very hard on being proactive in boosting our immune systems. Anytime I hear a cough or a sniffle I feel like I go into overdrive! Some of my favorite immune boosting products are the essential oils we apply topically and diffuse every night. I can tell a HUGE difference when we use them and when we don’t. We also use several vitamins on a daily basis – I just increase amounts in the winter. I’m adding in the Elderberry Gummies as soon as they arrive on my next Subscribe and Save.

How about you? Do you need to boost your kids’ immune system this winter? Or boost your own?! Here are some links to my favorite products.

Also, if you have that terrible Flu Bug, the Oscillococcinum is supposedly the best! And just FYI, even though these are kids’ vitamins, I take them. 😀 (affiliate links)

Vitamin C:
Elderberry Gummies:
Boiron Oscillococcinum:

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