1 Month Hulu & 2 Months GameFly FREE, plus Money Back!

If you haven’t yet, go to Swagbucks and sign up for these offers that will put money back in your pocket! Most of these offers are signing up for a subscription so you need to cancel it if you don’t want to continue paying. Don’t cancel TOO soon though. For example, if you cancel your Hulu account before 8 days or GameFly before 10 days they will revoke your Swagbucks. Your points also don’t usually show up right away – some take 32 days. All of this is in the fine print or details, so just make sure you read thoroughly and you’ll be fine!

Once you’ve signed up for Swagbucks, search their page for the following offers. You get to try out some fun new things, and you won’t lose money doing it! In fact, you’ll make some!

GameFly – Pay $10 for a 2 month subscription and get 2500 points (worth $25 in gift cards to your favorite store or PayPal).

Hulu – The cheapest option for a subscription is $7.99/month, but with this offer, you’ll get 2400 points (worth $24) back!

*These offers are available for a limited time to new subscribers only. Fine print and details available on Swagbucks.com

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