Kiki LaRue


Thanks to some of the gals in the Lear family, I have been falling in love with a little Texas boutique named Kiki LaRue (completely different than LuLaRoe and all the leggings, I promise!!). This little boutique has a life and a fb family all it’s own, and it’s fun! And the clothes are great! And if you don’t know what size you are you find a size twin in their insider group and figure it out!

Besides their clothes being cute, good quality, and moderately priced, here are some of my favorite things about Kiki LaRue!

FREE SHIPPING! Shipping is always free!

SALES! They have frequent sales! Today’s is a shoe sale!

GIVEAWAYS! They do giveaways all the time on their main FB page and on their Insider Page!

BIRTHDAY POINTS! They give points for frequent shoppers, including birthday points! I’m posting my referral link so you can help me out with earning points, and you also get a 15% off coupon! Make sure when you sign up you put your birthday in the “KLR Cash” and the afternoon of your birthday you’ll find an AWESOME surprise. It’s my favorite! There are other ways to earn points, too.

THE INSIDER CLUB! This is a fun, positive community of gals who encourage each other instead of body shaming. Let me know if you want added. It’s a lot of fun, I promise!

Sign up here!! Click here to check out Kiki LaRue!

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